Christmas Bauble

Christmas is the season of giving. Giving, however, doesn’t necessarily have to involve material gifts such as iPods, RC helicopters, high-definition TVs, PlayStation 3s, and chocolates. There are other, more long-lasting things that we can gift friends and relatives with.

Instead of giving a physical object as a present, you can teach a skill. People have recently become so centered on material objects that we’ve begun to forget other non-material things that are equally appropriate (if not more so) to be bestowed upon our close ones. But what if we could break free from today’s conventions, and teach something special that would provide long-term benefit for the the recipient?

If you haven’t yet bought presents for the people you’ll be spending Christmas with, this is a good chance for you to devote the remaining days to making a teaching plan.

Design your personal gift

It would be best if you could teach something that you already have expertise in. If you are a web designer, you could teach your relatives how to create a personal blog. Or if you’re an adept cook, you could prepare your best dish for Christmas, and teach your guests how to make it. Or you might want to craft a recipe that you can give them in a decorated envelope. You can do all sorts of things. Be creative.

If you decide to teach how to do a Chinese qigong health exercise, you can even make your own instructional video and give it to your guests. After they’ve opened their gifts, you could offer to walk them through the video and teach them how to perform the exercise. They can then use the video later as a reference in case they forget some parts.

Creating your own Christmas gift, and providing long-lasting value to your relatives, friends, coworkers, and loved ones is something that is much more personal than traditional gifts. Everyone has something that they can teach to others, so why not invest time in planning a helpful lesson instead of investing money in a material present?