Taiwan Pinyin

So you’ve set up your Mac to let you input Chinese characters. But what if you wanted to write Chinese using the Latin alphabet, i.e. pinyin? Since writing pinyin correctly requires the appropriate tone marks for flat, rising, falling-rising, and falling sounds (¯ ´ ˇ `), we need to configure your Mac to support them. Let me show you how…
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Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese I

Click here to download my complete Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese I notes

The Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese I audiobook is an excellent tool to jumpstart your language studies, since it focuses on teaching you the essentials and most commonly used phrases and terminology for conversing in Mandarin. The Pimsleur language learning audiobooks are well known for their philosophy of anticipation and graduated interval recall. What this means is that they use intelligently placed pauses and intervals to hardwire the words and phrases into the learner’s brain.
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Soldier Taking a Break

It’s been a while! I hope everyone enjoyed the summer. I certainly did, even though I spent most of it at the office (and the army barracks). But as I’m writing this post, I’ve got 10 days left in the military. It feels incredible to have 260 days under your belt.

There’s also another announcement to make. I’ll be heading off to South Korea and Taiwan at the end of October, and I’m planning to share my experiences through Twitter so be sure to follow me at @ericnishio!
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