Today, I’d like to introduce you to Meg who will be sharing some great tips on how to live a simpler and more authentic life.

You see, most of us are driven to follow the consumerist trends and lifestyles that govern modern society. We’re tempted to buy the newest gadgets (yup, I have an iPhone and a MacBook), eat at fast food joints or lavish restaurants while forgetting the art of cooking. Instead of living our own lives, we spend our weekends watching how the wealthy (whom we so envy and admire) squander their riches on Louis Vuitton shoes and suitcases…

Although I would never let go of my MacBook, I’ll admit that there are many areas in our lives that seriously need some rethinking. So how can we break free from the fetters we’ve allowed on ourselves, and start living a more rewarding life?

(Hands the mic over to Meg…)

The following is a guest post by Meg Rain of Eat Breathe Blog

Before I start, I must admit that I have no PhD in living ecologically. I am just a student in the thought school of making this world a more livable and beautiful place. If you are here looking for some form of personal health insurance or medical support, I am not the one to provide you with that need. But I will openly express to you my view on the importance of simplifying your life and treating others with utmost respect and how in treating others well you too will live a happy and fulfilling life!

My main piece of advice is: Simplify your life. That’s it. It sounds feasible. It sounds “simple,” doesn’t it? I think so, but in all actuality it might be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever been asked to do! It’s a huge task that can and will take a long time to complete. It has to become something you are constantly aware of and willing to change (for the better) or I fear you will never be able to find the happiness you are pursuing.

This might all sound pretty abstract and flowery to you right now, but in the lines that are to follow I plan to give you some pointers and insights into simplifying your own life. I hope to inspire you to take your happiness into your own hands and stop listening to the commercial world when it comes to what they tell you they “know” you “need” in order to be content in this life.

1. Live YOUR Life

Okay, for starters, stop watching TV. Instead, why don’t you go DO something? Why don’t you go for a walk to the library and read a classic book filled with information no modern day television show could possibly provide for you! I’m not trying to knock down all television broadcasts, I do enjoy watching the History and Discovery channel from time to time, but I enjoy LIVING life more than watching others live their lives. I’ve noticed over the past decade the amount of reality television we are being exposed to. It makes me sad and sick at the same time. Why do we care more about what other “celebrity” types are doing with their time then what we could be accomplishing with OUR own time? It doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

2. Be Yourself

Secondly, I think this might follow suit once you start using your time more wisely, stop caring what the media thinks you should look like. Stop trying to be “perfect.” Just be you. Be real. Be honest. Be kind. Find out what makes you tick? What is that driving force that makes you want to wake up in the morning? And I don’t mean waking up to make money so that you can buy nice things. Find what really makes you happy and then do everything in your power to retrieve it. Don’t waste your precious energy on things you can do without. Find and hold tight to the things you know you couldn’t exist without.

3. Fill Yourself with Love

Most importantly, learn to truly love. I don’t mean in a romantic sense or in a “I love my dog sooooo much” kind of way. I mean truly love EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. The Buddhists have the saying “Namaste” which means the light in me appreciates the light in you. In my opinion, everyone has light in them. This is a world of duality that we live in. Light and dark, good and evil, night and day. Try to see the light in everyone you encounter on a daily basis. They are just human too. And don’t all humans just want to be happy and content anyways? I know I do! It is important to not just value the people you can gain from financially or materially. I think it is important to treat everyone as if they are a part of you, because after all, they are. We are each made of the same light, the same energy that this very world we inhabit is created of!

Learn to truly love. Embrace yourself. Embrace others. And forget about all the riches money can buy, the true gold is what you hold inside!

Meg Rain is an inspired artist, designer, and poet that graduated from Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis, Indiana with a degree in visual communication design and a minor in creative writing non-fiction. She is striving to make a name for herself in the music industry as a freelance music promotion designer and songwriter. Her motto is “the sky is the limit.”