YogaLanding a permanent job does not mean that you stop learning. We already should know that joining a company is like a direct extension of your previous studies—that’s when you really start learning the ropes. You notice that the college courses you completed were just an introduction to what you would be facing in working life.

And there is always more to learn. No one can be a true master of their profession. If you are a math teacher and have completely mastered the curriculum you are teaching, there is still a lot more to do to improve yourself as a math teacher; you can develop more effective ways to explain difficult mathematical concepts, or you can make your courses more interesting by setting your applied questions in more attractive contexts.

If you are working for a company, you will be improving your assets as an employee if you decide to learn more. Your boss might not notice the changes immediately, but people will eventually notice the hard work that you’ve put into becoming a better professional. In fact, I strongly believe that the will to constantly improve yourself is the true mark of professionalism.

If you are an entrepreneur, this will be even more important, since your whole career depends on your being competent to make the right choices and take the risks that lead you to enduring success. You don’t have the security that an employee has, so you have to individually strive to improve yourself in order to make your business prosper.

Here’s a handful of tips to get you started.

  1. What problems did you face recently? If you are having recurring problems, there must be something that you can do to stop them from reappearing. Don’t let these problems become an enduring obstacle that hinders your success.
  2. Did you have questions recently that you couldn’t answer? Find out the answers, and study the concepts more extensively to avoid further confusions.
  3. What are your weaknesses? Surely there must be something in your field of expertise that you don’t feel too confident about. Strive to gain expertise on all areas relevant to your profession.
  4. Can you express yourself clearly? Unless you are a self-sustaining agriculturist, you probably have to deal with people at work. One of the qualities of a good employee is the ability to accurately communicate thoughts to others—in speech and writing. Study effective speaking and concise writing.
  5. Take Socrates’s advice with a grain of salt: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” You should accept the fact that the more you learn, the harder it becomes to keep up with the exponential inflow of ideas; but you will also, at the same time, gain many solutions to earlier problems.

I would like to hear your tips on how to transform oneself into a better professional through constant learning. Please share them in the comments. Thanks!