Beach Hammock

I certainly do. I’m a slow writer, so it usually takes about two hours until I get to hit Publish. But I seem to become more productive when I leave the “office” and work somewhere else. The surroundings just have this magical effect on me. In fact, I’m now writing this post on the living room sofa—resting against a pile of cushions. Sometimes I go out to the porch and work there.

It feels liberating to work on your stuff someplace else once in a while, especially if you’re used to working in the office. It frees from the confines of your workroom. You don’t want to keep glancing at the same paintings and walls every time you try to gather inspiration.

You don’t have to attempt anything extreme. Of course it would be fantastic to leave your post, book a one-way ticket to the Bahamas, and just write blog posts while relishing an ice-cold beverage under a curving palm tree. But that might turn out to be destructive, as you might be tempted to toss away your laptop and jump into the water.

A simple change is what works best. If you have a backyard, take a reclining chair with you and start working under the sky. Or go to a nearby forest, and bring a tarp to spread over a flat piece of rock, which will serve as your temporary office. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you to avoid having to go back inside to quench your thirst. You will want to minimize distractions. Only take with you what you need for completing your task.

What I’ve noticed is that changing your posture can also have a significant effect on your productivity. Whenever I feel uninspired while sitting in an ordinary upright position, I try to see if lying on my back helps me to draw inspiration. Also, suspending your legs above your torso affects your circulation, which can also boost your creative faculties. (I’m not medically certified, but this is just something that I’ve personally noticed.)

So, break free from your habits. Let yourself go crazy with ideas. Experiment with different locations. Go back to those places that yield success. Have fun.

Do you have any further tips? I would be happy to hear about them in the comments.