iTunes U

We all know that iTunes Store has huge libraries full of songs, movies, TV shows, and audio books that you can buy. But there’s also a special section mysteriously named iTunes U (I believe the U stands for university). This part of the store, however, can be freely used, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything for the downloads you get from there. iTunes U opened in 2007, and it houses over 75,000 freely downloadable files related to courses taught at institutions such as Stanford, Cambridge, and MIT.

I’m really happy that I found iTunes U mainly because I can download video and audio podcasts of interesting courses for free. To use the free service, all you need is an active iTunes account (and iTunes, of course). And after you’ve downloaded a podcast, you can load it onto your iPod for portable viewing. If the course you want to download hasn’t ended yet, you can also subscribe to it so that iTunes can automatically download any new podcasts or materials related to the course.

The subjects range from math to traveling. Just to name a few: Introduction to Political Philosophy is taught by Prof. Steven B. Smith of Yale University; Business Management is podcasted by Stanford University; and Basic Spanish comes from DePaul University.

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