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I’ve been examining this topic for quite some time, but I can’t seem to find any concrete evidence on quick success. I think it’s because there is no such thing as quick success. Success can mean a lot of things: money, fame, skill, getting a girlfriend, passing an exam, or crushing your enemies in battle. […]

I’ll be honest: I never got an iPhone because I wanted to make phone calls with it. The device is more like a compact toolbox that I can use for looking up words, messaging people on Facebook, reading articles, listening to music, and jotting down notes. I’ve had my iPhone for nearly a year now, […]

Today I’d like to link to seven posts related to Self-Learner that fall into several, simple categories. I’ve been for a long time a loyal RSS subscriber of ProBlogger, and this post idea comes directly from Darren Rowse’s recent 7 Link Challenge. Let’s get it started.