Category: Self-Motivation

I mentioned in my post on self-motivation techniques that doing less in the beginning is a good rule for staying motivated. I’ve found that this simple maxim is particularly effective when we want to be consistent at studying. This tip is useful for self-learners specifically, because we are not studying within the confines of an […]

I learn most effectively when I have a clear goal in mind—be it having the ability to speak a foreign language or create a web application. But often it’s hard to come up with a goal that naturally boosts motivation. This happens because if we’re not already excited about the learning process, we need to […]

How many times have we started a project with a lot of exciting ideas, burning enthusiasm, and high hopes, only to later find it scrapped and buried in the bin? It’s a great feeling to harness such energy in the beginning, but it’s sad how easy it is to lose it after the first few […]