Category: Approaching Learning

Napoleon Hill is my favorite writer on success. His texts are an invaluable source of inspiration because of their practicality; anyone can start applying the principles immediately if he so chooses. So today, I would like to borrow the title of one of the chapters in his book, The Master-Key to Success (which I highly […]

You can gather a tremendous amount of knowledge from the Internet. When I first got interested in kung fu, the first thing I did was get online and research the tens of different styles taught in the West. I learned a lot by perusing numerous websites dedicated to Chinese martial arts. But what really made […]

When we adopt something new into our lives, like a hobby or a new skill, everything seems fresh and fascinating. We enthuse over it. We believe that it is something that we want to keep doing, and something we want to master. We get overly excited to pursue it at the beginning, but as the […]