I’ve started a new book-related project here at Self-Learner called Bibliotheca (which you can from now on access from the top menu). I’m going to be building a list of books (in text and in audio format) that I’ve personally gained a lot of insight and influence from.

The chief aim is to present at least one solid benefit per book that can be gained from reading the respective title. For example, if you’re planning to take the path of an online entrepreneur, reading Career Renegade will teach you how to put things into motion by introducing a rich array of online tools and techniques along with theories on how to approach entrepreneurship that you can start using right away.

Each title will have a short description of what the book is about and what takeaways it offers. I want to recommend only the best books, so I’m going to list only books that offer unique value to you. The goal, after all, is to help you on your journey to success.

And to avoid redundancy, I won’t be listing books giving, more or less, the same benefits as other books unless they provide profound insights, or significantly complement previously listed books.

I should also mention that most of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to buy something through the Bibliotheca, I will get commission from it. So if you don’t want me to profit from your purchase, you are welcome to search for the product manually on 🙂

Reports & eBooks

The Bibliotheca will also serve as my personal bookstore where you can download reports and ebooks that I’ve written. I am currently working on my first report based on the post 44 Skills Every Successful Person Should Learn, so the first item should appear in the coming months. Some products will be free (like the one I’m now working on) whereas others will be paid downloads.