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Ten years ago I was a jobless student in Osaka. I was almost broke but I still wanted to go to Japanese-Korean BBQ joints and bars, so I had to come up with a solution to give myself personal allowances on a consistent basis. I set up an Excel spreadsheet where I had cells for […]

Here’s a list of words I recently came across while flipping through the first few chapters of Teach Yourself Chinese and Chinese Made Easy: pen 筆 Beijing University 北京大學 garage 車庫 curtains 窗簾 duck’s tongue 鴨舌 faucet 水龍頭 bloody nose 流鼻血 school bus 娃娃車 This is a common plague that affects many (if not most) […]

This is a bulletproof checklist I go through every time I travel. It allows me to completely skip the mental work of figuring out and deciding what to take with me. I just go through the list and make sure I’ve packed everything on it. Boom, ready to hop on the plane. I’ve been using […]