Gogo Yubari

Today I’d like to link to seven posts related to Self-Learner that fall into several, simple categories. I’ve been for a long time a loyal RSS subscriber of ProBlogger, and this post idea comes directly from Darren Rowse’s recent 7 Link Challenge. Let’s get it started.

  1. Your first post. I wrote my first post for Self-Learner on October 16, 2009, titled The First Step of a Self-Learner. The ideas expressed in that post are some of the core reasons as to why I decided to create this blog.
  2. The post you enjoyed writing the most. The reason why I liked writing I Finished Decluttering My Room is because while I was writing it, I was at the same time recording how many material possessions I was able to let go of. I like to see things on paper (or screen), so writing things down made me appreciate the achievement even more.
  3. A post which had a great discussion. I can’t really flaunt anything here, because the blog is still at an early stage. Why Studying on Your Own Is Better only had one comment, but I decided to choose it because of the great ideas expressed in it.
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written. 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It on Zen Habits is one of my favorite blog posts of all time. Leo Babauta practically walks you through the steps and presents lucid reasons as to why getting up early is such a great habit. I haven’t linked to the post before, but the tips therein are some of the most effective practices that can double your productivity.
  5. A post with a title that you are proud of. I’m proud of Don’t Let RSS Feeds Kill You because it was the first post where I used a powerful word. I’m not a promoter of violence (except in video games), so I thought at first if I should use a softer word instead of the brutal kill, but I think I made the right choice not to make it sound too wishy-washy.
  6. A post that you wish more people had read. The view count for The Art of Slow Learning is among the lowest on Self-Learner. This is unfortunate because the tips I give in that post have been most effective in my own learning pursuits, so I’d be happy to hear if others have also had similar experiences. Besides, I really like the turtle photo in it.
  7. Your most visited post ever. Although I now think the title is somewhat illogical, 44 Skills Every Successful Person Should Learn is, hands down, the most popular post here on Self-Learner. Well, I’m currently writing a free report based on it, but with a different title, so I’ll just let the original post remain as it is.

If you have taken (or will take) this challenge yourself, I’d be interested to check your post. Feel free to add your link in the space below.